Recent Customer Comments

Customer from an Art Show


At the art show:  “I love this picture.  I want to take it home!”

From home:  “I truly love this artwork in my kitchen and [it gives] me good energy all around. “


          ~~ Heidi Branch, Comedienne / Dunedin, FL


(16"h X 12"w Metal Panel)

Feast on the patterns.  Let the spirals draw your mind inward, then reverse to the outer reaches of the cosmos.  Close your eyes and release your imagination.

Commission from a Local Realtor


Lisa recently sold a couple’s waterfront home.  They were moving back to England, and she wanted to give them a lasting reminder of their years in Florida.


A friend took a photo of their home & boat from a drone, and she brought it to me to create the memory. 

"Rick presented me with 4 great options.  They were all so creative, I decided to let my clients pick the one they liked best.  They’re art lovers, and selected the boldest image.  A week later, they were super-excited when I presented them with the final image on a metal panel.


Working with Rick was so rewarding, that I later asked him to apply his creativity to some of my own personal photos."

    ~~ Lisa, Realtor / St Pete

   Beach & Treasure Island, FL

Dolphin   (12"h X 16"w Metal Panel)

Before & After

Art as a Wedding Gift


An original acrylic painting from the artist to his nephew & his fiancée as a wedding gift.


“I have enjoyed this painting on a daily basis, often gazing at it from time to time when thinking.  It catches our overhead lighting very well, with hints of metallic reflection.
I love the color palette.  We actually designed our living room space to match.  It goes exceptionally well with walnut and dark wood.
I love this painting and wouldn't sell it because we are so attached to it.”


         ~~ John Mike & Meena / Seattle, WA

Insights on Love

(Multi-layered acrylic painting on 40"h X 30"w canvas)

The canvas reveals the swirl of emotions surrounding love:  affection, desire, excitement, happiness, inspiration, joy and warmth.


The colorful windows build a bridge across this sea of emotions and provide insights into the harmonious aspects of love.

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